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A proven program for basketball success with enhanced edition of Winning Basketball Fundamentals

Lee Rose has been one of basketball's most knowledgeable and respected coaches over the past 50 years at the high school, college, and professional levels. Winning Basketball Fundamentals: Enhanced Edition presents his proven program for success, the same one he used in taking teams from two different colleges to the Final Four.

From offense to defense to transition play and special situations, Rose covers every tactical facet of the game and adds his insights for improving execution in each. He presents popular offensive systems—the Triangle, LA, Flex, Dribble Drive, and Motion—as well as man-to-man and zone defensive schemes, with suggestions for when and how to deploy and adjust them. Winning Basketball Fundamental: Enhanced Edition includes nine clips of offensive plays/systems and is compatible with iOS devices – iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch – using the iBooks or Kindle app.

Rose also teaches all the essential individual skills required for performing those tactics proficiently and consistently, with special tips for executing when the game is on the line. Perimeter- and post-specific instruction and drills will help players build on their skills through practice.

Coach Rose also shares his Performance Rating System—a tool he's used time and again to develop some of the game's top players. Rose explains not only how to identify strengths and weaknesses but also how to use that information to maximize the potential of individual players and the team.

Flashy and fluke plays might be fun to watch, but you can't build a successful season or career on them. Winning Basketball Fundamentals: Enhanced Edition is the proven formula for developing the solid individual skills and team tactics you can count on game after game.

Purchase this enhanced e-book with video through Amazon's Kindle store or the Apple iBookstore. It is also available via Barnes & Noble for use on the NOOK Color or NOOK Tablet.


Here's what others have to say about this new book:

“Lee Rose has developed hundreds of players throughout his legendary career. In Winning Basketball Fundamentals, he continues to share his winning coaching strategy and offers the best drills to refine individual skills and team execution.”

Ed Conroy

Head Basketball Coach

Tulane University


This incisive analysis of basketball's essentials will be an invaluable guide to coaches and players alike.”

Jordan Cohn
NBA Scout


“Lee Rose's ability to break down the game and communicate his thoughts is on a level with the best in basketball."

Mike Pratt

Basketball Radio Analyst

University of Kentucky Hall of Fame Member


“The game needs more of Lee Rose's coaching style. Winning Basketball Fundamentals exemplifies the teaching that made him one of the most respected coaches in the game.”

Tom Crean

Head Basketball Coach

Indiana University