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Erika Bloom’s Pilates instruction comes to DVD

Erika Bloom, owner of the renowned New York City Pilates studio, brings her elite training into living rooms around the world with her upcoming DVD, Next-Level Pilates With Erika Bloom (Human Kinetics, 2010). The popular instructor has taken her 20 years of Pilates experience and created a DVD that provides a full-body studio-quality workout.

“We’re always hearing celebrities say that they got their great new bodies with Pilates,” Bloom says. “But not everybody has access to a professional studio, and I wanted to offer people the same benefits.”

Next-Level Pilates With Erika Bloom uses targeted routines for the core, upper body, and lower body that can be completed with at-home equipment, including an exercise mat, ball, and band. “When you are in a Pilates studio using a reformer or a cadillac, you are getting all these great exercises, but you don’t have access to that at home,” Bloom explains. “Using small props allows you to do the same exercises that are normally performed on the Pilates apparatus.”

Bloom includes nine 10-minute routines and a programming matrix for creating personalized workouts based on individual fitness goals, experience levels, or time constraints. “The exercises are specifically sequenced and designed to sculpt muscles in a slenderizing way,” Bloom says. “Pilates helps to build up those weaker intrinsic muscles and lengthen out the bulky accessory muscles.”

According to Bloom, Pilates is also an ideal postpartum workout. She credits the exercises to helping her get back in shape after the birth of her baby. “I actually used the sequences from this DVD to shed 45 pounds of pregnancy weight and have completely changed my body,” Bloom explains.