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Kinetic Connections with bestselling author Hal Higdon

No one had a better view of the events of April 14, 2013, than the actual runners participating in the 117th Boston Marathon. That's the reason Runner's World contributing editor Hal Higdon chose to look at the events of that fateful day from the perspective of those running the race. His newest book, 4:09:43 – Boston 2013 Through the Eyes of the Runners, focuses on 75 runners and their individual stories, collected uniquely through social media, such as blogs posted online, stories offered on Facebook, and e-mails sent to Hal himself. 4:09:43 may be the first book ever written about a major sporting event that was researched almost entirely through social media. On this special edition of Kinetic Connections, we feature a talk Hal gave about the book in which he reads select passages, details how the book came together, and the impact the bombings have had on the Boston Marathon.

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