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See why Plyometrics is the most effective guide for developing explosive power

This is the definitive guide for designing plyometric programs for individuals with different needs, goals, and abilities. From injury prevention to rehabilitation, this book is exceptional.

—Avery Faigenbaum, Leading Author and Researcher

Professor, Department of Health and Exercise Science, College of New Jersey


Strength and power—which provide the ability to move quickly with great force—are absolute necessities for today's athletes. In Plyometrics you will find the most effective guide for developing explosive power. 


View a trailer for Plyometrics, in which Drs. Donald Chu and Gregory Myer present only the best science-based exercises and programs to ensure optimal power with minimal risk of injury. They even provide protocols for preventing and rehabbing injuries. And they address key concerns for youth and women with guidelines and prescriptions for safe, successful plyometric training. Together, Chu and Myer provide the surest and safest strength and power exercises and programs ever presented in one resource.