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The art and science of tennis

(Enjoy a free sample of the Tennisology e-book by downloading the first chapter: "Evolution of the Sport.”)


Thought provoking and original, Tennisology delves into the science, psychology, and history of the world's most popular individual sport in search of the factors that truly influence successful on-court play. The findings will not only surprise you but also change the way you approach the game.


Based on the latest research, statistics, and analysis, Tennisology provides fascinating insights and observations on development, conditioning, and performance:


-   How and when the skills of the game are best learned

-   Why pressure affects some players but not others

-   Whether observing others can improve individual play

-   Whether there is a link between player personality and style of play

-   How and why height influences serve velocity  

-   Whether great players are born or developed


You will also discover how to apply the laws of physics to improve accuracy and consistency of shots and serves; how to structure training to minimize fatigue in lengthy matches; and how technology has affected the way the game is played, officiated, and coached.


From the historical roots of modern tennis to the physical attributes that define the game, Tennisology will captivate you and make you think. It is a must-read for passionate players, coaches, and fans alike.


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