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World Firefighter Challenge showcases physical demands of occupation

The Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge world championships are the culmination of a season full of hardwork, dedication, and rigorous training. Held this year in Las Vegas, November 16-20, the event attracts more than 600 fire departments from around the world in a physically-demanding competition. The challenge is designed to encourage firefighter fitness, as well as display the rigors of firefighting to viewers.

Paul Davis, PhD, is the founder and creator of the Challenge. A former firefighter/paramedic, he is a renowned expert witness on the subject of physical fitness and employment standards in the public safety sector. His ground-breaking research was the basis for the creation of the Firefighter Combat Challenge.

Dr. Davis is the co-author of the Human Kinetics text, Hard Work: Defining Physical Work Performance Requirements. The text focuses on physically demanding occupations that require strength and stamina and examines the relationship of recruitment practices, physical training, and physical evaluation to the intricate environment of corporations, labor organizations, the legal system, and employment rights.

To learn more about the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge and to view competition results and videos, visit www.firefighterchallenge.com.