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Performance Support:  Is it science?

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Producing world-class performance requires numerous factors to align at a given point in time. Support teams for athletes and teams are now larger than ever, however, harnessing all of this knowledge and applying it to the athlete effectively is the key to success. This is not always an easy task but when it happens the results speak for themselves. Dr Kevin Currell will share his principles, experiences and reflections from over 10 years at the EIS and discuss the challenges that need to be overcome to make this happen.

Dr Currell joined the EIS in 2006. He has a Masters from the Sheffield Hallam University, a PhD from the University of Birmingham, the IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition and is a registered nutritionist. He was appointed Head of Performance Nutrition in February 2013, overseeing a team working across more than 20 sports throughout the Rio Olympic/Paralympic cycle, beforebecoming Director of Science and Technical Development in January 2017. Given his time spent in various roles at the EIS and his leadership positions he is uniquely situated to give us his insights into effective working practice in elite sport.