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Rehabilitating the athlete not just the injury: The psychology of sports injury rehabilitation.

Adam Gledhill and Dale Forsdyke
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Despite a growth in research over the past 30 years, scholarly and applied understanding of the psychosocial considerations during sports injury rehabilitation is in a relative infancy.  There is a common misconception that psychological and physical/physiological rehabilitation will go hand-in-hand, with many sports injury practitioners feeling under-prepared for the psychosocial challenges experienced by injured athletes. This webinar aims to introduce key psychosocial considerations during sports injury rehabilitation and subsequently share practice around how psychosocial and physical/physiological rehabilitation can be intertwined, in order to rehabilitate the athlete, not just the injury. 


Attendees learned how to:

  • Identify key psychosocial considerations in sports injury rehabilitation
  • Outline how these factors may impact on the rehabilitation of an injured player
  • Demonstrate ways that these considerations have been adopted within an interdisciplinary support programme in elite sport

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Adam Gledhill is a Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Therapy at Leeds Beckett University. He has written a number of academic modules, book chapters, conference presentations and articles within the realms of the psychology of sports injury risk, rehabilitation and return to competition. He has an extensive background working within talent development environments in women’s football - most recently as the Head of Sports Science in the FA Women’s Super League – and is currently working towards a PhD examining psychosocial factors associated with talent development in women’s football.


Dale Forsdyke is a Senior Lecturer in Sports Injury Management at York St John University and PhD student looking at experiences of sports injury rehabilitation in elite women’s soccer.  Dale has also had a number of publications based on the psychology of sports injury. He also has an extensive applied background as a Head Sports Therapist working in WSL soccer and in Centre of Excellence settings as Head of Science & Medicine.