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Program Foundations Information

Theoretical Approach:
Discovering Dance is designed as a textbook to introduce students to dance. The first part of the book covers the foundations of dance, its elements and how they are used to create dances. The text then goes on to explore the history of dance, dance as part of society, and dance on stage as part of the entertainment media. In each chapter, the student discovers a different aspect of dance and can explore three to five activities in which they participate in performing, creating, or responding to dance. Each chapter also contains a section called “Thinking like a Dancer” in which students learn how a dancer uses the content presented in the chapter. For example Chapter 3 is about The Elements of Dance. The “Thinking like a Dancer” focuses on students learning to use dance as a language to prepare them for learning specific dance language genres in later chapters. The chapters closes with a culminating project that could be used as a portfolio assignment. The project presents an opportunity for students to creatively express themselves using their learning from the chapter content through movement or applying the assignment to their personal development.

Program Effectiveness:
Discovering Dance addresses 21st century skills and meets common core standards. The text also provides college and career readiness and meets the new National Arts Standards developed by the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards.

Author Expertise:
Gayle Kassing is a dance education expert in teaching, pedagogy, and curriculum development. She was a professional dancer in ballet, modern dance, and musical theatre. She has also had over 20 years of teaching experience in university and public school. Kassing was also involved in developing state dance education standards in the Illinois and Florida. She has written a variety of books for both dance educator and students including Teaching Beginning Ballet, Dance Teaching Methods and Curriculum Design, History of Dance and Beginning Ballet.