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Sample Content

Chapter 1 - Dance for All [download pdf]
Chapter 1 - Pages 9-11 [download pdf]
Chapter 4 - Rubric for Composition [download pdf]
Chapter 4 - Performance Rating Scale [download pdf]
Chapter 8 - African Dance [download pdf]
Chapter 8 - Mexican Dance [download pdf]
Chapter 10- Pages 188-190 [download pdf]
Chapter 10 - Web Search Suggestions [download pdf]
Chapter 10- Worksheets and Assignments: eJournal Prompts [download pdf]
Chapter 15- Pages 255-257 [download pdf]

Safety, Health, and Wellness [download pdf]

Student Resources

Chapter 1
3 Questions [download pdf]

Chapter 2: Warm-Up and Cool-Down
Warm-Up and Cool-Down [download pdf]

Chapter 11: Jazz Dance
Extended Learning Activities [download pdf]

Teacher Resources

Chapter 1: PowerPoint Presentation [download pdf]

Chapter 1: Quiz Answers
Review Question: Answers [download pdf]

Design your own Performance Rating Scale and Rubric (these are PDF templates for teachers to develop their own assessment tools [download pdf]

Dance and the Athlete: A Winning Combination [download pdf]