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Student Resource

Part of what makes this text so strong is its supporting materials, particularly the teacher web resource and student web resource. The student web resource includes these elements:

  • Handouts and assignments that students can complete, save, and print to turn in
  • Extended learning experiences to enhance understanding of specific topics presented in the chapter
  • Explore More sections for selected chapters to introduce students to additional social, folk, cultural, and contemporary dance styles
  • Chapter glossary terms both with and without the definitions so students can test their knowledge
  • Assessment tools for self-evaluation and peer evaluation of performance, composition, and other aspects of the dance learning process
  • Interactive chapter review quizzes
  • Video and audio clips for selected dance genres
  • Web links and web search terms for resources to enhance the learning

The Student Web Resource is open access for both students and teachers.

Click here to access the Discovering Dance Student Web Resource.