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Teacher Resource

Part of what makes this text so strong is its supporting materials, particularly the teacher web resource and a student web resource. The teacher web resource contains these features:

  • Learning objectives
  • Extended learning activities
  • Handouts and assignments that students can complete, save, and print to turn in
  • Explore More sections of selected chapters to introduce students to additional social, folk, cultural, and contemporary dance styles
  • Chapter glossary terms both with and without the definitions
  • Chapter PowerPoint presentations
  • Rubrics, performance rating scales, and other assessment tools to support learning experiences in performance, composition, self-evaluation, personal development, and other chapter topics
  • Interactive chapter review quizzes
  • Answer keys for handouts, assignment sheets, and quizzes
  • Unit exams and answer sheets
  • Video and audio clips for selected dance genres
  • Web search terms for resources to enhance learning
  • A printable full-color poster for the classroom
  • Additional teacher resources to support and extend the teaching and learning process (these resources include chapter learning objectives, enduring understanding and essential questions, chapter quotes, teacher-directed information to support teaching specific activities, and web links)