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Heat-related emergencies in athletes

Many heat-related illnesses are possible, ranging from muscular twitches to fainting to exertional heatstroke (EHS).

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Safe helmet removal after spinal injury

If the decision has been made to remove the athlete’s equipment, the helmet and shoulder pads should be considered a unit and both be removed.

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Sternoclavicular joint injury

The sternoclavicular (SC) joint is the only place on the body where the upper arm attaches via bony articulation to the axial skeleton.

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Traumatic injuries to the head and face: Subdural hematoma

Subdural hematomas are the leading cause of sports-related fatalities and are frequently reported in football.

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Energy From Food Fuels Activity

Food and beverages provide the body with energy in the form of calories. The body uses those calories to fuel body functions and physical activity.

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