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Learn the 10 strategies suggested for various stages of change

According to the American Psychological Association (2012), adopting effective strategies for change improves the likelihood of success (see What Americans Think of Willpower).

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Creating a safe space

Has someone ever approached you with a perplexing human drama or an all-consuming problem? Most of us have been present for friends, family, or even relative strangers who simply needed to talk about their experiences and wanted nothing more than for us to listen.

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Nonverbal communication: understanding the unspoken

The ICF core competency of active listening encompasses both what is and is not said.

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What is the center?

In Pilates, centering yourself means more than finding your center of gravity; it means uniting body, mind, and spirit. (Isacowitz 2014, 9)

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Why Pilates works in injury rehab and prevention

Pilates is a great tool to assist or even enhance a physiotherapy program when someone is recovering from an injury.

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