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Six facets of the Power Yoga for Sports system

Over the course of creating Power Yoga for Sports, I boiled its effectiveness down to six components: balance, strength, flexibility, mental toughness, focus, and breathing. Each component has been carefully thought out and is pivotal to athletes’ ability to reach their potential.

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Alignment in power yoga

Before you determine the yoga poses that best fit an athlete’s body and sport, you need to understand the movement skills required of that sport and how those movements affect alignment.

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Power yoga poses for golfers

Golfers require great hand grip and open forearms, symmetrical back muscles, and back strength. They also need open hips and deep spinal rotation for powerful torque.

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How your upper body is designed for breathing

The first water-living animals breathed through their skin. This method worked fine if they were small enough and plenty of flowing water was available.

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Strengthening and Stretching Routine for the Diaphragm

The diaphragm needs its own designated stretching and strengthening routine, just like any other muscle. The diaphragm moves downward when you inhale, expanding the lungs and creating a vacuum.

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