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A day in the life of a parks and recreation supervisor

This is an excerpt from Leisure Services Management.

Alexis MorenoNo day in parks and recreation is ever ordinary. I usually start my day by checking emails from home—­this gives me an idea of where my day might be headed. On any given day, I am working on such ­things as preparing the sailing camp for inclement weather approaching in the after­noon, providing recreation programming through local partnerships and community organ­izations, supervising the Youth Ser­vice Initiative program, and reviewing survey feedback from parents about our new partnership with the local school district's summer school program. In order to be a successful instructor, coordinator, or supervisor within the field of parks and recreation, you must be adaptable, flexible, have ­great communication skills, and the ability to problem-­solve within any setting. From weather concerns to engagements with parents or public officials, you never know what's ­going to come up!

Alexis Moreno, MSL, CPRP
Supervisor, Youth and Families
Boulder Parks and Recreation
Boulder, Colorado