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A fun game to play with an activity ball

This is an excerpt from Great Games for Big Activity Balls.

Hair Dryer

When you first open the valve of a fully inflated activity ball, the air really gushes out. People just love to stand in front of the escaping air for a quick round of Hair Dryer, in which the air blows their hair around as in a high-fashion photo shoot. There's really no point to this game, but the players enjoy it. Players with long hair can pose for all of the fashion photographers that will surely appear once their tresses start flowing in the wind.


Players pose in front of the air escaping from the valve of the activity ball as if they are fashion models.

Additional Equipment


Safety Tips



The last game before you start to deflate the big activity ball.

Developmental Skills

Primary skills include creativity.

Secondary skills include improvisational acting.

Duration of Game

Players take turns standing in front of the air escaping from the ball until the ball is deflated.

When to Play

Play this game at the very end of the session.




Try keeping a light, chiffon scarf aloft in the stream of air escaping from the ball as it deflates.

Teaching Tips

You can help players get into the mood of posing as supermodels with their hair flowing in the wind by playing the role of the high-fashion photographer. Call out words of encouragement: “Yes, beautiful! Great! Smile!”