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Add-On Shooting Game

This is an excerpt from Youth Soccer Drills-3rd Edition.


To develop shooting techniques and tactics under various degrees of defensive pressure.


Intermediate, advanced


  • 6 soccer balls
  • 2 goals
  • 3 blue scrimmage jerseys and 3 red scrimmage jerseys
  • 4 large game markers


15 minutes


Level 1

  1. Position one player from the blue team and one player from the red team in a 20- by 20-yard grid. Two players for each team stand on opposite sidelines (see figure). Place goals at opposite ends with no goalkeepers.
  2. Begin play by dropping the ball between the players in the grid.
  3. The player controlling the ball tries to score at her designated goal while being defended. If the defender steals the ball, she then tries to score at her designated goal.
  4. The team that scores first adds another player. The game begins again by your dropping the ball. This time, however, the team that scored has a 2v1 advantage.
  5. If the team that scored first scores again, another player is added, giving that team a 3v1 advantage. However, if the opponent scores next, play continues 2v2. At no time will any team have more than three players competing.
  6. Play continues until one of the teams scores 5 goals and is declared the winner.

Level 2

Have players repeat the procedure for level 1, but with goalkeepers.

Key Points

This drill offers endless opportunities for developing shooting techniques and tactics. It rewards teams for scoring by allowing them to add an extra player. Emphasize the role of the second attacker (the teammate closest to the player with the ball, who provides support to her) and that of the third attacker (the player who provides opportunities to gain space behind the defenders).

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