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Aerial Dance book/DVD packages gives readers a unique chance to learn about aerial dance

This is an excerpt from Aerial Dance by Jayne Bernasconi & Nancy Smith.

By Jane C. Bernasconi and Nancy E. Smith


The book, Aerial Dance, includes a DVD. Special sections in the book, called "Look Up!" give readers a chance to view and reflect on video clips of aerial dance. Below is one Look Up section excerpted fromthe book.


Look Up

Jo Kreiter

“Mission Wall Dances”

View the “Mission Wall Dances” on the DVD. Jo Kreiter directed this interdisciplinary public art project in collaboration with muralist Josef Norris, the dancers, and the composer. Included are interviews with the displaced residents of the apartment building that was destroyed by arsonist’s fire.

  1. In this dance, think about all the components (getting approval to use the building, engineering the apparatus to the buildings) that went into organizing this dance. If you were the artistic director or choreographer, where would you begin? Make a list of all the considerations that wouldgo into planning and organizing this project.
  2. In both of Ms. Kreiter’s works (“Grim Arithmetic of Water” and “Mission Wall Dances”), what do you think a rehearsal process would be like?
  3. Imagine that you were commissioned to choreograph a community work. What type of project would you choose, and why? How would you begin?

This is an excerpt from Aerial Dance.