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Blood pressure-related smartphone apps

This is an excerpt from Advanced Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription 8th Edition With Online Video.

There are no fewer than 100 hypertension-related apps available for download (Kumar et al. 2015). Most of them allow users to track their BP, BMI, and body weight by entering the data into their smartphones. Some of these apps provide access to information about hypertension, medication adherence, and diet. Reports indicate that these tracking and educational apps include design features that make them beneficial for monitoring BP and factors related to it (e.g., body weight, stress level).

Some Android apps assess blood pressure and heart rate by using the phone's camera and microphone. These apps may provide opportunities to track blood pressure for general knowledge. It is important to understand that none of them have undergone the rigorous testing required of traditional blood pressure devices. The apps have also not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Therefore, health care providers should be cautious with information from these apps as provided to them by their clients.