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Brief workout trains all major muscle groups

This is an excerpt from Strength Training Past 50-3rd Edition.

Free-Weight Training

Program 9.3: Brief Workout

Program 9.3 is an abbreviated workout that uses four basic free-weight exercises and two body-weight exercises to train the most important major muscle groups. The four free-weight exercises are linear actions (straight movements) that address the most important muscles of the legs, chest, upper back, shoulders, and arms. The two body-weight exercises are rotary actions that target the major muscles of the core. As in our other sample training programs, you will alternate pushing and pulling exercises to enhance the efficiency of your workouts.

You should be able to complete the brief workout in 12 to 15 minutes if you perform one set of each exercise. The workout should take about twice as long (24 to 30 minutes) if you perform a preliminary warm-up set or add a second set of each exercise. If you prefer dumbbell training, you may substitute dumbbells for the squat, bench press, and seated press exercises. You may also use kettlebells in the squat and one-arm row. Follow the recommended exercise sequence as closely as possible. The table presents the program 9.3 exercises and general training guidelines for resistance, repetitions, sets, repetition speed, and recovery time.


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