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Change-of-Direction running drill

This is an excerpt from Football.

Change-of-Direction Running Drill 1

Short Shuttle

The most common measure of change of direction is called the short shuttle (figure 3.2). The short shuttle is a timed race in which players run a total of 20 yards, changing directions twice—once to the right and once to the left.

Players face the timer (coach). They run to one side for 5 yards and touch the line with a hand. They then run in the opposite direction for 10 yards and touch the line with the opposite hand. They finish by running back past the original start line.

Have players turn toward the timer (coach) each time. This ensures that they turn both to the right and the left during the run.

Success Check

  • A good time in the short shuttle might be a better indicator of football success than a good time in the 40-yard dash. This is because success in football can require changing directions many times during a single play.
  • As with time in the 40-yard dash, the relation of a short shuttle time to football success depends on the player's position and level of play.

Rate Your Success

Table 3.2 provides recommended short shuttle times with their relative values.