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Develop skills through fun bilateral activities

This is an excerpt from Perceptual-Motor Activities for Children With Web Resource.

Bilateral Activities

Week 4
Station 8

Skills Developed

Locomotor skills, motor planning, spatial awareness


Five noodles


Place five noodles in a straight line 4 feet (1.2 meters) apart.


  1. Jump over the noodles, taking off and landing with both feet. Each time you jump, say a letter of the alphabet starting at the beginning. Continue in alphabetical order and see how many times you can say the whole alphabet in three minutes.
  2. Jump over the noodles slowly with hands on hips and say one letter each time you land. Then jump over the noodles again using quick jumps with hands on hips. Say one letter each time you land.
  3. Jump high over the noodles, saying a letter of the alphabet each time you land. Then jump low over the noodles again and say a letter each time you land.

Skill Check

Remind the student to slow down and focus on using the correct form for a standing long jump:

  • Bend both knees with your arms extended behind your body before takeoff.
  • When jumping, thrust your arms forcefully forward and upward (above your head).
  • Take off and land with both feet.
  • Move your arms downward on landing.