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Double Scissors Jump

This is an excerpt from High-Powered Plyometrics-2nd Edition by James C. Radcliffe & Robert C. Farentinos.


This exercise is a variation of the scissors jump for more advanced athletes. It is excellent for working the flexion and extension muscles in the hips, legs, and torso.

Starting Position

Assume a stance with one leg extended forward with the knee over the midpoint of the foot and the other leg back with the knee bent and underneath the plumb line of the hips and shoulders (see figure a).

Action Sequence

As in the scissors jump, jump as high and straight up as possible. Block with the arms to gain additional lift. At the apex of the jump, attempt a complete cycle of the legs, front to back, back to front, and vice versa, while in the air, landing with the legs in their original position (see figures b and c). Remember to maintain an excellent shoulders-above-hips posture. Perform this double-switch movement about the hips, involving total-leg movements and not merely switching lower legs or feet. Therefore, perform this exercise in the single-response mode only.

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