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Drill: Instilling a Shot Sequence

This is an excerpt from Archery Drill Book, The.


This drill helps infuse your shot with your shot sequence to make it more consistent.

Signs It Is Needed

If under pressure you add steps to, or leave steps out of, your normal shot process, you need this drill. Actually all archers need to know their shot sequence (or shot routine) by heart.

How to Do It

If you do not yet have a shot sequence, you need to create one and write it down prominently in your notebook. This is then a guide for your shot training.

As you shoot arrows, name each shot element as it happens. If you are shooting in public and this makes you self-conscious, you can do it mentally and not out loud. (This allows you to “shout” in your head, which can make this more effective.) Do this for just a few shots, more if you make mistakes.


Some archers print their sequence on a label and paste it to the top limb and read it before every shot, until it becomes second nature. Other archers carry their sequence on a card in their quivers to consult as needed.


This is a training drill; you should never consciously work your way through your shot sequence while shooting for score. Shooting needs to be done primarily subconsciously. Note: Shot sequences, like shooting techniques, are personal; no two are identical.

Make it a game