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Focusing on customer service: a case study

This is an excerpt from Health Fitness Management-2nd Edition by Mike Bates.

Customer service is essential for success in the fitness industry. Fitness professionals will be successful if they provide exceptional customer service, and the fitness organization will be successful if its foundation is exceptional customer service. This is because the fitness industry sells services. A product is tangible; it takes up shelf space, has a shelf life, and can be inventoried, depreciated, and taxed. A service, on the other hand, doesn’t exist until a person requests or requires it. A service is defined as an action that one takes in order to help another person achieve a goal or objective. A customer is any person who requests or requires these services. Customers include every person inside and outside the organization we must interact with to perform our job correctly. Customer satisfaction occurs when a product or service meets or exceeds a customer’s expectations.

This chapter provides an overview of customer service. Topics include the importance of customer service, the two categories of customers, what the customer wants, training staff to provide exceptional service, communicating with customers, dealing with difficult customers, and monitoring the effects of customer service.


This is an excerpt from Health Fitness Management, Second Edition.