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Good netball attacking moves make it easier to pass the ball

This is an excerpt from Netball-2nd Edition by Wilma Shakespear & Margaret Caldow.


This simple change of direction is a very effective attacking movement. Defenders find this move very difficult to respond to because it catches them off guard. They anticipate a single change of direction and are confused when the second change happens so quickly.

Starting from a low stance, transfer your body weight onto your outside foot; then explode back again (figure 4.3). A dodge can be executed from a stationary position or on the run. If you are doing it on the run, dig in quickly as you change direction.

For a double dodge simply repeat the movement. Make sure that you do not lose momentum on the second dodge. You must maintain your speed, agility and explosive power throughout for the movement to be effective.



For a fake, you do not move your feet, only your upper body. The upper body creates an illusion that the whole body is about to move.

To execute the fake (figure 4.4), dip your shoulder, arms and waist to one side; then quickly recoil. It is amazing how often you can fool your opponent into following a well-executed fake.



This is an excerpt from Netball: Steps to Success, Second Edition.