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Help students learn about endangered animals through play

This is an excerpt from 50 Games for Going Green.

On the Move With Endangered Animals

Eco Thoughts

We share the planet with millions of animals, insects, and birds, many of which are endangered. By using the three Rs, we can reduce the negative impact on our natural environment. When exploring nature, show respect by staying on paths and trails and taking waste and recyclables home.



How to Play

1. Call out the actions for each endangered animal for students to perform as they move throughout the gym:

  • Polar bear - Move on hands and feet, keeping arms and legs stiff.
  • Frog - Hop on all fours.
  • Seal - In a push-up position, use arms only to move and drag feet behind.
  • Gorilla - Slowly walk in a low position, with hands sweeping the ground.
  • Elephant - Walk, leaning forward with one arm swaying like a trunk.
  • Eagle - Fly with outstretched arms.
  • Cheetah - Run around the perimeter of the gym.
  • Alligator - Walk with extended arms opening and closing like jaws.

2. Students perform the actions continuously until the next animal is called.


Challenge your students to identify other endangered animals and come up with an action.

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