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Learn strap taping technique to combat common ankle injuries

This is an excerpt from Strap Taping for Sports and Rehabilitation by Anne Keil.

Subtalar Neutral Stirrup ankle support and modified high dye


This technique is effective for treating plantar fasciitis, frequent ankle sprains or weak ankles, ankle or foot tendinitis, shin splints, “fallen arches” (pronated feet), tarsal coalition, calcaneal bursitis, and Achilles tendinitis and is also effective for ankle fracture rehabilitation. It is commonly used for clients who perform activities barefoot or in shoes that are tight or offer little support.

Client’s Position

The client is prone with the foot hanging off the end of the table; an alternate position is supine with the heel hanging off the table, ankle in 0° dorsiflexion and in subtalar neutral.

Physical Therapist’s Position

The PT is sitting on a stool or chair at the end of the table.

Application Guidelines

1. Place a horizontal piece of strapping tape around the ankle at the malleoli as an anchor (if the skin is hairy or sensitive, you can use underwrap first) (a).

2. Place the foot in subtalar neutral and neutral dorsiflexion.

3. Starting at the lateral malleolus anchor strip, pull a piece of tape around the bottom of the foot, just inside the arch (ensuring not to cause skin wrinkles on the plantar aspect of the foot), around the navicular, and up to the medial malleolus, keeping the ankle in neutral (no excessive inversion or eversion). This is a stirrup strip (b-c).

4. Reinforce with a second stirrup strip to better support the arch.

5. This method can also be combined with the arch taping technique for modified high dye (d).

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