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Learn this technique: tall kneeling stick lift

This is an excerpt from Strength Training for Football.

By Ted Rath

Tall Kneeling Stick Lift

Exercise Type

Antirotation, anti-extension, functional

Primary Muscles Trained

Transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis, internal oblique, external oblique, gluteals

Beginning Position

  • Kneel with both knees on the floor.
  • Take an overhand grip on the stick.
  • The outside arm is flexed, the inside arm is extended (a).
  • The cable is below the athlete's hip (a low to a high angle).

Movement Phases

  1. Extend the outside arm to a locked-out position (b).
  2. Press the inside arm away from the chest using the core into a locked-out position (c).
  3. Return the inside arm from a locked-out position to the chest.
  4. Return the outside arm to a flexed position.

Figure 8.4a Figure 8.4b Figure 8.4c

Figure 8.4 Tall kneeling stick lift: (a) beginning position; (b) extend outside arm; (c) press inside arm away from chest.