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Participant evaluation of programs

This is an excerpt from Aerial Adventure Environments.

One of the best ways to know how well your programs are doing is to implement a participant evaluation process. Participant evaluations allow operators to question people after they have taken part in an aerial adventure experience. The questions can be tailored to meet the needs of the organization. For instance, AAEs with recreational outcomes may explore what participants feel they have gained from the experience. Figure 12.6 presents an example of a participant evaluation used for a recreational zip line canopy tour.

Some participant evaluations ask more questions in order to enable a deeper understanding of the participant experience and may be given directly to the leader of the participating group either at the end of the experience or digitally in the days that follow. Figure 12.7 shows a participant questionnaire for a challenge course program that provides educational outcomes. This questionnaire asks for more detailed information about the experience and is intended for the main representative of the group.

Figure 12.6 Participant evaluation for a zip line canopy tour.

Figure 12.6 Participant evaluation for a zip line canopy tour.

Adapted by permission from North Georgia Canopy Tours, LLC.