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Pose: Triangle and Extended Triangle

This is an excerpt from Beth Shaw's YogaFit-3rd Edition by Beth Shaw.

Triangle and Extended Triangle


Triangle pose and extended triangle pose represent a strong mental and physical foundation formed by the two bottom points of the triangle. From here, you can begin looking up to explore the third point - the spiritual. Practice these poses within the mountain II portion of your workout.


Strengthens: quadriceps • oblique abdominal muscles • hip flexors • shoulders


Stretches: hamstrings • hip adductors

Getting Into the Pose


Triangle (figure a): From warrior II or side angle pose, straighten your front leg. Moving from the front hip, tilt the upper body toward the front of your mat while maintaining a strong core and neutral spine, reaching your hand toward your shin or ankle. Lift your back arm to the sky, opening your chest. Look up, down, or straight ahead, finding a comfortable position for your neck.


Extended triangle (figure b): For an added challenge, from triangle pose, drop your top arm over your ear and roll your chest toward the sky.

Holding the Pose


Press your feet away from each other, keeping a slight bend in your forward knee. Your nose stays over your leg, not in front of it. Pressing into the feet will create dynamic tension through the legs and gluteal muscles to support the pose. Breathe length into your spine, allowing your inner strength to fuel your outer strength. Switch sides.



If your hamstrings or inner thighs are tight, place your lower hand on a block or your thigh.

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