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Sample Shallow-Water Lesson Plan

This is an excerpt from Water Fitness Lesson Plans and Choreography by Christine Alexander.

Knee and Heel


Class Objective

Cardiorespiratory fitness



Teaching Tip

Be sure to cue good posture in the neutral position. Some participants tend to round their shoulders when they work low in the water.


Knee-high jog with jog press

Knee-high jog with shoulder blade squeeze

Run tires with scull

Run tires, reach to the sides

Heel jog, palms touch in back

Heel jog with triceps extension

Rocking horse

Conditioning Phase

(A set)

Knee-high jog with upper-body twist

Knee-high jog, elbows together

Knee-high jog, faster

Run tires with jog press in front

Run tires, clap hands

Run tires, faster

Heel jog with jog press

Heel jog with lat pull-down

Heel jog, faster

Rocking horse with arm curl

Rocking horse with shoulder blade squeeze

Rocking horse, faster

(B set)

Knee-high jog

Jump rope (low-impact option: log jump, forward and back, neutral position)

Knee-high jog, neutral position

Hip curl, suspended

Run tires

Frog jump (low-impact option: neutral position)

Run tires, neutral position

Diamond position, open and close knees, suspended

Heel jog

Bunny hop (low-impact option: heel jog, doubles)

Skip rope

Skateboard jump

Rocking horse with front kick

(C set)

Knee-high jog

Knee lift and lunge

Knee-high jog, one knee only, travel sideways

Ankle touch

Run tires

In in, out out

Heel jog

Heel jog, one heel only, travel sideways

Heel jog, feet wide apart


Ankle touch and hopscotch, alternate

Ankle touch and hopscotch, one side only

(D set)

Knee-high jog; travel backward, forward, and sideways


Run tires; travel backward, forward, and sideways

Heel jog; travel backward, forward, and sideways

Rocking horse; travel backward, forward, and sideways

Ankle touch, travel backward; hopscotch, travel forward

Walk forward three steps and stand on one foot with posture check


(Noodle behind shoulders)

Bicycle, side-lying, travel

Bicycle, side-lying, in a circle


Bicycle, one leg only

Bicycle, reverse

(Without noodles)

Abdominal pike and spine extension at the wall

Stretch: hip flexors, quadriceps, gastrocnemius, hamstrings, lower back, shoulders


This is an excerpt from Water Fitness Lesson Plans and Choreography.