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Setting Teams Up for Success: Personal Reflection

This is an excerpt from Team Building through Physical Challenges 2nd Edition With Web Resource.

Reflection is a valuable tool to help students think about what kind of teammate they are and what kind of teammate they hope to be. Writing responses to the following questions will help students internalize how their words and actions impact those around them (see figure 2.3):


Figure 2.3 Reflection worksheet.

  • Are you the kind of person others would want on their team? Why or why not?
  • What character traits do you have that positively impact others?
  • In what ways could you be a better teammate?
  • What kind of teammate do you hope to be?

This is a personal process that shouldn't be shared with others. This activity could serve as good baseline data to be recorded in personal journals or portfolios. To measure growth, the same document should be completed at the end of the team-building unit or end of the year.

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