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Excerpts — Assessments and Activities for Teaching Swimming

The Modified TWU Aquatic Assessment

The TWU aquatic assessment, designed by Dr. Carol Huettig in 1998, is a curriculum-based assessment instrument that addresses the following: Water adjustment skills, Flotation skills, Basic propulsion and breathing skills, Swim stroke skills, Entry and exit skills.

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After the Assessment

Once you have obtained as much information as you can from the modified TWU aquatic assessment and from the interviews with the student and, if applicable, the family, you are ready to determine the level the student should be working on (i.e., the level at which you will begin teaching).

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Head Start

Skill 2.4 - Bob Five Consecutive Times in Chest-Deep Water Independently

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Catch Up

Skill 5.1 - Front Crawl for 12 Yards With Rhythmic Breathing, High Elbows, and Body Roll

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