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Excerpts — Bending the Aging Curve

Tapering allows older adults to switch focus from fitness to skill training

Tapering allows significant recovery, maximization of the fitness effect, and supercompensation. It also allows us to switch our concentration from fitness to skill training. So what’s the best way to taper?

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Incorporating ADL drills into training program results in greater performace gains for older adults

To truly accomplish the purpose of translational training, we must match the motor pattern training of the translational period to the improvements made in physical performance during the preceding training cycle.

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Properly timed training cycles provide motivation and maximize program adherence

The recurrent pattern of training, translation, and reassessment increases exercise adherence because it not only allows clients to see their own progress but also demonstrates how their progress is linked to the exercise prescription.

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What do we mean by "bending the aging curve"?

The idea behind the title of this book, and its underlying philosophy, is that you can use targeted exercise prescriptions to improve your client’s wellness and “bend” his or her aging curves.

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