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Excerpts — Cultural Competence in Sports Medicine

What is cultural competence?

Developing cultural competence is a process in which an athletic trainer learns to appreciate and respect cultural differences and take them into consideration when caring for patients.

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Complementary and alternative medicine

CAM practices involve four domains (some of which overlap) and several whole medical systems that cut across each of the Asian domains.

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Cultural considerations when working with Mexicans

Mexicans have a unique culture of their own and it is important for the athletic trainer to understand the similarities and the differences of this culture from their own.

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Identify physical signs of injury or illness in cross-cultural patients

Inspecting and observing involves looking at the patient’s physical structure and body movement to help determine the extent of injury or illness.

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Institutional cultural self-audit and SWOT analysis

An institutional cultural self-audit and SWOT analysis allow you to clarify what the organization is doing to provide culturally competent care and determine which areas need the most attention.

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