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Excerpts — HIIT Advantage The


As mentioned, HIIT can offer amazing health and fitness benefits using workouts that are shorter and performed less often than aerobic activities, in which improvements come with a greater volume of training, meaning more time running, swimming, cycling, or using an aerobic machine such as a treadmill.

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Foundational Movement 1: Squats

To use squats as part of a HIIT program, you need to understand why they are done and how to perform them. Squats are foundational moves because they are part of everyday activities in which body weight is evenly distributed through both feet (e.g., bending down to pick something up off the floor, lowering into a chair or onto a toilet seat).

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HIIT Workouts

The HIIT workouts in this section are broken down into 20-, 30-, and 45-minute workouts. You can choose based on how much time you have to exercise, your level of fitness, and your training goals.

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