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Excerpts — Hockey Drill Book-2nd Edition The

A Typical Practice

A typical practice should include work on skill development, team play, and conditioning. For younger players (under 10 years old), the team should focus more on the basic skills of skating, passing, shooting, and puck control, with less emphasis on team systems.

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Neutral Zone Puck Exchange

1. Player 1 and player 2 skate toward the center circle, staying on their own sides of the center line.

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Protect the Puck and Shoot for the Goalie

1. The forward protects the puck for 15 seconds and then drives for the net and shoots.

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Power Play Breakouts and Double Double With a Drop

To begin, the coach shoots the puck into the corner. The five players for the power play team are on the blue line. The five players then break out using one of the following patterns.

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