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Excerpts — Lesson Plans for Creative Dance

Introductory Activities for Ages 4 to 6

The range in terms of development and previous experience at this age is evident. Some children can skip and gallop, others pick up quickly given the opportunity, and a few might not be developmentally ready to skip until partway through the year.

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Action word sentences for older children (Ages 8 to 12)

An action word for older children can be more challenging, suited to both their physical and verbal understanding. For example, the action “release” (let go) demands a higher level of ability than “grow,” which is suited to younger children. Once the children have explored and developed their individual action sequences they can be used as a basis for work in small groups.

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Dances for ages 6 to 8

Learn how each action in "The Chinook" relates to the dance and how those actions play through the sequence.

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