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Excerpts — Mastering Mountain Bike Skills-3rd Edition

Master these pedaling drills

You can get fancier and infinitely more complicated drills, but these are our favorite drills for improving pedal stroke. Do these on the trainer and on the road while you’re learning (what else is going on?); then, try to fit them into your trail rides.

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Gain speed with a Kung Fu Power Wheelie

Because you’re that kind of person, you’re riding back up the descent you just shredded down. Smooth, easy power is your style, and this climb is so easy. But there’s that boulder, and you don’t have enough speed to coast over it.

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Learn the mental and emotional skills needed to win

There is a 0.1 percent chance you might beat Brian physically, but there’s a 0.00001 percent chance you’ll beat him mentally. That’s why he has done so much winning over so many decades.

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