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Excerpts — Outdoor Site and Facility Management

Careful planning helps rec departments make most of volunteers

Volunteers are a cherished resource for any organization. Volunteers can be your ace in the hole, enabling projects to be completed that might otherwise languish because of lack of funds or labor.

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Tips and tools for grounds walk-throughs

Regular property work involves maintenance requests, weekly work schedules, and long-term replacement schedules. However, you’ll need to step back every once in a while and look at the broader picture by taking a few walk-throughs of both your site and your facilities.

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Time management important component of property management plan

Abraham Lincoln once said, “If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six sharpening my axe.” A well-honed tool gets the job done quickly. You need a well-honed, system-based plan for getting the work done. Without such a plan, time can get away from you until what should take minutes takes hours if not days.

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