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Excerpts — Physical Education for Children With Moderate to Severe Disabilities

Training for Paraeducators

A major responsibility of physical education teachers is to provide direct instruction and guidance to all students and paraeducators under their supervision. Paraeducators should receive training and guidance throughout the school year.

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Basic Skills Assessment

Because adapted physical education is a service, not a placement, students such as Marin, whom we met at the beginning of this chapter, are often included in the GPE class even though they have unique needs and IEPs for physical education.

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Introduction to Physical Education for Children With Moderate to Severe Disabilities

Students with moderate to severe disabilities are often the most marginalized, stigmatized, and invisible children in the school setting, particularly within physical education.

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Adapting Equipment With SENSE

Adapting equipment is a daily practice for physical educators teaching students with disabilities. Adapted equipment must contribute to the student’s learning.

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Sample Lessons Using Universal Design for Learning

Part III offers a blueprint for delivering lessons using a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) format. The lessons included in part III are divided into two categories: (1) team sports and target games and (2) lifetime and health-related activities.

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