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Excerpts — Principles of Sustainable Living With Web Resource

Think critically about new information, past assumptions, and your own thought process

Most modern environmental issues are frequently driven and fueled by emotional rhetoric. Environmental science and the integration of sustainability principles is based on science and is rational, yet relies on a transdisciplinary base since it involves natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, and arts to comprehend the big picture.

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Working together to reform education

Several aspects must be considered in education reform. One such aspect is whether the education leads to better citizens.

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Examples of bio-inspired solutions that are more efficient than current ones

Biomimicry derives its name from two Greek words: bios, meaning life, and mimesis, meaning imitation. As such it is about human systems mimicking life’s systems, or more generally, nature. Biomimicry is a term that explains innovation inspired by nature where engineers, who understand mechanics and dynamic flow systems of industrial processes, link with biologists, who understand the mechanics and dynamic flow characteristics of living processes.

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