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Excerpts — Recreational Sport

The Recreational Sport Profession

The broader sport industry represents a continuum of sport opportunities, programs, services, and venues ranging from primarily participation focused on one end to primarily performance focused on the other (Coakley, 2004). Figure 1.2 depicts this relationship in connection with the sport development pyramid.

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Professional Development in Campus Recreation

The administration of campus recreational sport programs and facilities is the work of highly educated and skilled professionals. Professional staff members combine their love of recreation and sport with specialty knowledge in various aspects of the campus recreation field.

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The Recreational Sport Field

The recreational sport field can be seen as a subset of both the recreation and leisure and the sport management industries; that is, recreational sport professionals work in jobs that provide sport opportunities for the widest range of participants.

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Programming Philosophies

Before beginning to plan a program, it is important to have a solid understanding of why the program exists. Organizations should have defined how they are going to operate within the community, what role they are choosing to play within the community, and how that role is designed to improve the lives of people within the community.

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