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Excerpts — Reversing the Obesogenic Environment

Modern lifestyles, environments play large role in obesity epidemic

If the obesogenic genetic risk profile has remained the same in humans since the obesity epidemic began, what has changed? The simple answer is that our environment has changed.

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Decisions to take part in physical activity influenced by multiple environmental factors

Many factors influence whether people use physical activity resources. In this chapter we discuss the more common factors examined in the research literature, including those we think are the strongest predictors of physical activity resource use: accessibility, proximity, safety, and the presence and quality of features and amenities, aesthetics, and incivilities.

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Excessive TV viewing and TV ads contribute to serious health problems among youth

Most Americans watch several hours of television each night and are bombarded by commercials (Holmes, 2008). But Americans are not alone in their television habits, despite the health detriments associated with excessive viewing.

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