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Excerpts — Soccer Science

Power Development

A player’s capability to generate power is a key goal of many training programmes to improve the performance of explosive movements on the pitch. Training strategies encompassing the force-velocity continuum (figure 12.3) can be used to improve lower-body power in the soccer environment.

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Running Exercises

1. Straight Ahead Jog straight to the last cone. Make sure you keep your upper body straight. Your hip, knee and foot are aligned. Do not let your knee buckle inwards. Run slightly more quickly on the way back. Perform two sets.

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Functional Exercises

The real teaching part of defending is establishing roles and responsibilities and emphasizing the importance of providing cover and distances. Here is an example of a functional defending exercise.

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Principles of Attack

The principles of attack will help a team in possession of the ball react to any situation during soccer. These principles apply regardless of the system of play and formation played by the team, and they will always apply, no matter how the game evolves.

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