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Excerpts — Social Dance-3rd Edition

Moving like a dancer

Simply being aware of your posture while standing is only part of the image that you present to others. Dancers are movers. Thus, how you carry yourself while moving, which you do when you are walking or taking a series of dance steps, also says volumes about your self-confidence.

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Connecting with a partner

When you dance with a partner, you are sharing space that includes both of you. The basic partner positions used in this book are commonly used in social dancing (see figure 4.1, a-i). Each partner position described in the following paragraphs requires you to connect with a partner in a slightly different manner.

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Rhythmic Step Pattern for Cha-Cha

The cha-cha-cha steps (triple step) may be executed while traveling to either the right or the left side or in a forward or in a backward direction.

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One-hand around-the-world variation

The cross-body lead is a useful transition to smoothly connect many variations as well as to rotate 180 degrees with your partner. Start in a closed position and do a box step. The cross-body lead takes two repetitions of the rumba’s SQQ rhythm.

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