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Excerpts — Teaching Children and Adolescents Physical Education 4th Edition With Web Resource

Three Keys to Motivating Youngsters

It’s common knowledge that children learn by doing. Research on teacher effectiveness clearly supports this premise. The challenge for teachers is to involve all of their students most of the time in activities that are appropriate for their varying skill levels.

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Strategies for Minimizing Off-Task Behavior

Appropriate on-task behavior is often described as students behaving positively in a way that is consistent with the goals of the educational setting (Siedentop & Tannehill, 2000). A class of students who are on task most of the lesson contributes to a positive learning environment and is unlikely to present discipline problems.

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Teaching Behavior Protocols

Deciding on the management protocols to use in your classes is relatively easy. The challenging part is teaching those protocols until students know them and they become a part of every class you teach over the entire year.

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