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Excerpts — Tennis Anatomy

Overhead rotational medicine ball slam

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold a medicine ball (start with a 4- to 6-pound [2 to 3 kg] medicine ball), and keep the core tight and stable.

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Post-match or post-training recovery techniques and modalities

In addition to proactive approaches, many recovery techniques are somewhat reactionary to the imposed demands of the activity (training or competition).

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The anatomy of a successful serve

The serve is one of the most important shots in tennis. Each player starts half the points with a serve, for which he has time to prepare.

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Proper movement skills are vitally important for success on the tennis court.

Being able to move well on the court is a huge component of successful tennis. If you can’t get there, you can’t hit the ball. This oversimplifies the game, but there is a lot of truth to it. We recommend you work on movement skills daily.

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Tennis defined by four distinct playing styles

Do you know what your playing style is? Do you like to come to the net and put the ball away with a volley or overhead? Or are you the type of player who likes to outlast your opponent by never missing a ball? Or do you like to hit the ball hard from the baseline, trying to dictate points and go for winners?

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