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Excerpts — Therapeutic Stretching

Use therapeutic stretching for seniors and clients rehabilitating musculoskeletal conditions

One disadvantage of some stretching books is they assume the people for whom the stretches are recommended are fit and healthy and flexible enough to get into what are sometimes quite challenging positions.

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Modify stretches for the elderly, pregnant women, and active individuals

Almost anyone can receive stretching, and most people will benefit from it.

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Correctly use muscle energy technique

Popularly known simply as MET, muscle energy technique is a form of stretching commonly used by sports massage therapists, sports therapists, osteopaths and some physiotherapists, chiropractors and fitness professionals.

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Utilize effective active hamstring stretches

There are many reasons for tightness to develop in the posterior thigh. It is commonly reported by runners and people regularly engaged in sports involving the lower limbs, such as tennis or rowing.

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Relieve the stiff lumbar spine

The lumbar region may become stiff for reasons similar to those causing stiffness in other regions of the spine, namely immobility or after injury.

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