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The Fundamental Apparatus Program

This is an excerpt from Pilates-2nd Edition.




Pelvic Curl (Mat)

Spine Twist - Supine (Mat)

Chest Lift (Mat)

Chest Lift With Rotation (Mat)

Foot Work

Parallel Heels (Reformer)

Parallel Toes (Reformer)

V-Position Toes (Reformer)

Open V-Position Heels (Reformer)

Open V-Position Toes (Reformer)

Calf Raise (Reformer)

Prance (Reformer)

Single-Leg Heel (Reformer)

Single-Leg Toes (Reformer)

Abdominal Work

Hundred Prep (Reformer)

Hip Work

Frog (Reformer)

Hip Circle Down (Reformer)

Hip Circle Up (Reformer)

Opening (Reformer)

Spinal Articulation

Bottom Lift (Reformer)


Standing Lunge (Reformer)

Full-Body Integration I

Scooter (Reformer)

Arm Work

Shoulder Extension - Supine (Reformer) or Shoulder Extension (Ped-a-Pul)

Shoulder Adduction - Supine (Reformer) or Shoulder Adduction (Ped-a-Pul)

Arm Circle Up - Supine (Reformer) or Arm Circle Up (Ped-a-Pul)

Triceps - Supine (Reformer) or Triceps (Ped-a-Pul)

Leg Work

Above Knees - Seated (Magic Circle)

Knees Bent - Prone (Magic Circle)

Lateral Flexion and Rotation

Side Over (Wunda Chair) or (Step Barrel)

Back Extension

Basic Swan (Wunda Chair) or Swan (Step Barrel)



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